The end is near.

I am quite happy today. Today is my last full day at work in this Windsor factory. It’s been such a valuable experience. I started here a year and a half ago, in the midst of the economic crisis. I was fresh from finishing my chem degree and hungry for some real-world experience. I’ve learned so much from working at the factory and met many great people. People who I genuinely liked and admired such as the product staff/engineers, a veteran solutions chemist, the technical managers. All very intelligent and good people that inspired me and that I really enjoyed working with. That’s the hardest thing to say goodbye to: the people. It’s the one thing that makes me teary-eyed about leaving.

Other things I’ll miss: the investigative research, the quiet freedom of working independantly, the long scenic drive.

But I am on to a new venture!

Band compliments are the highlight of my days. Today’s compliment came from the factory’s efficiency engineer. He’s got twin sons in college who are in an up and coming band so we’ve talked band stuff. He just finished listening to our newly released album “Collisions” and enthusiastically said that he thought the songs were really great: good lyrics and instrumentation and thought we had a lot of potential and encouraged us to get out in front of more people.

It seems like such a trivial little thing, but words of compliment and support really do make my day. =)

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